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#008 Akane Ishiga | <Tiny Zoo> | Set Of 3

#008 Akane Ishiga | <Tiny Zoo> | Set Of 3


#008 Akane Ishiga | <Tiny Zoo> | Set Of 3


Akane Ishiga creates free standing stuffed toys from her own drawings. All the details including clothings, small bags and accessories are 100% handmade using high quality organic textiles. With the theme of a portable Tiny Zoo. Akane Ishiga x perks pin badges collection will be launching together with Akane's stuffed toy charms. A total 3 characters with the theme of a portable <Tiny Zoo>, each LIMITED TO 6 pcs WORLDWIDE. 3 pcs of each character are available at perks. Available for purchase at PERKS SOUVENIR STORE on Jan 15 at 12:00. Limited to ONE pc per customer.


Mole - Henry
Mouse - Nicky
Rabbit - Roger




8C Soft Enamel

Size: H35MM
Color: Black Nickel
Back-lock: Flathead Deluxe Clutch


HKD200 Only. Set of 3.


Stuffed toy IS NOT INCLUDED.

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