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#019 Beautiful Land

#019 Beautiful Land


#108 Beautiful Land

Islands are formed by volcano eruptions, as cells are evolved from stimulants.
Islands are eroded away by the ocean, as lives are wasted away by intelligence. 
One Island. Nine Worlds.


A group with our own standards for beauty, who loves the strange and ugly, deviates our own work from the mainstream. This Island is our “Beauty” standard. Using a different angle to re-examine the definition of beauty, nine units interact and intersect to assemble this fantastic world and the stories within it. With “god” weaving through all of space and time, welcome to our “Beautiful Land”

Beautiful Land combines toy and illustration which allows you to make and present your own creation using various mediums. Creators can express themselves through toy-making and tell their story from narrative illustrations. With Beautiful Island, it gives readers an extraordinary and experiential reading experience.





3C Soft Enamel

Size: H26MM
Color: Plated Silver
Back-lock: Flathead Deluxe Clutch


HKD80 Only.

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