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#070 Red-A 70th Anniversary Set

#070 Red-A 70th Anniversary Set


#070 Red-A 70th Anniversary Set


Established in 1949, Star Industrial Co Ltd., a.k.a Red A has since strived to maintain top quality in production and management. The Red A logo is the icon for high quality plasticware and also one of the rarest examples of trademark registration in the world - which only consists of a single alphabet in it.


Red commonly represents prosperity in Chinese and ‘A’ is also used as an Ace in western Poker- the highest rank Poker among all. The logo thus symbolizes the "first-class quality" of all Star Industrial Co. products persisting in its 100% Made in Hong Kong craftsmanship for 70 years and coming.


On Red A’s 70th anniversary, perks teamed up with this historical company to release a commemorative badge to pay tribute to their persistence.


A collectable set consisting of one Red-A 70th anniversary commemorative badge and one 7-Day Pill Box exclusively produced by and for perks respectively.


Pill box is the most iconic and classic item Red-A has produced since their establishment. 100% Made In Hong Kong with material complying with FDA standard; best partner for carrying perks pin during your travels.




Red-A 70 Anniversary Pin


Soft Enamel with Epoxy coating

Size: D25
Color: Plated Silver
Back-lock: Flathead Deluxe Clutch


Red A x perks 7-Day Pill Box


Material: PP


Material complies with FDFA standard.

100% Made In Hong Kong by Red A


HKD150 / Set

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