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#077 Rob Kidney | HONG KONG Punk Bear

#077 Rob Kidney | HONG KONG Punk Bear


#077 Rob Kidney | HONG KONG Punk Bear


HONG KONG Punk Bear, a red faced teddy bear with a Mohawk.


He looks a little sulky, but actually he’s just really serious about the music he listens to. He’s either found in back street records stores or in small dark music venues in the Hong Kong Noise music and Punk scenes.


The blue leather biker jacket is his favourite item, which has HONG KONG hand-stitched on the sleeves. He also has his two favourite numbers - ‘7’ and ‘13’ pin badges on the lapels of his jacket. Meanwhile his skinny jeans are from a small store in Harajuku.




Craft: Soft Enamel

Size: H35mm

Thickness: 1.8mm

Material: Alloy

Back Lock: Deluxe Flathead Clutch


Lithography Standard Packaging


Design and illustrated by Rob Kidney.

Produced by perks production.


HKD80 Only.

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