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#103 Rob Kidney | TITTY BEAR

#103 Rob Kidney | TITTY BEAR


#103 Rob Kidney | Titty Bear


Throwback to July 2018, ROB KIDNEY x PERKS collection was launched. HONG KONG PUNK BEAR was created for our first collaboration, also included two classic characters, Loft Jams Bear & Classic Cloud. They all have distinctive personalities and different background stories.


In 2020, Rob Kidney is having his solo exhibition <FRIDAY PEOPLE> to celebrate the release of his first limited edition soft vinyl figure ‘Friday Bear’ with Japanese manufacturer Kenelephant (@kenelephant2000).


At the same time, Rob Kidney also releases the latest <TITTY BEAR> PIN in collaboration with PERKS. TITTY BEAR is one of the major characters from the social group surrounding FRIDAY BEAR. They are a tight-knit community who are very peaceful and have great affection for each other.


Hard enamel pin with silkscreen print finishing to capture the black lines of Rob's original 10B pencil drawing. Presented with PERKS standard packaging by offset printing in Hong Kong.

TITTY BEAR PIN is now available at WISH LESS GALLERY (5-12-10 Tabata, Kita, Tokyo) and PERKS.




Craft: Hard Enamel w/ Silkscreen Printing

Size: W28mm

Thickness: 1.5mm

Back Lock: Deluxe Flathead Clutch (Silver)


Offest Printing Standard Packaging


Design and illustrated by Rob Kidney.



HKD80 Only.

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