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#456 Kidneying | "Internetism"


#234 Kidnying | "Internetism"


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網絡狗奴 <Translate server error>


自從智能手機現身,一休和尚沈溺於網絡世界。 五陰熾盛,流連連登、微博等網站學習新知識。 甚至犯下淫戒,瀏覽各種色情網站。不但在寺院裹瘋狂手淫,甚至趁大家打坐時外出召妓。僧侶發現後,沒收了一休的智能手機:「畜生!你這個不守清規的小淫僧!」

一休索性離開禪門佛地,出外打工買 iPhone,繼續追尋網路形相帶來的快樂。淪為塵世中一隻依賴網絡生活的小狗奴。



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A story about a monk transforming into a slave of the Internet. Spreading the message of "Internetism".




Craft: Soft Enamel

Size: 29.4x30mm

Thickness: 1.8mm

Material: Alloy

Back Lock: Deluxe Flathead Clutch


Digital printing standard packing


Design and illustrated by Kidneying.

Produced by perks production.


HKD80 Only.

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