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#000 Startfromzero | Kill The Boss

#000 Startfromzero | Kill The Boss


Kill the Boss | Release the Freedom


Back in 2007, Katol was still having his full-time job. Unlike his partner Dom, Katol can only devote himself into Startfromzero (S.F.Z) creations after his work. And because of this, he questioned the inevitability for a job to occupy most of one's life and doubt the existence of autonomy whilst employed. Should employees' life be determined by their bosses? Such controversy and dissatisfaction to his job inspired this 'Kill The Boss' collection. 'Kill The Boss' collection was the Bestseller at that time.


A decade later in 2017, Katol’s role has swapped. The most challenging thing now is to put himself in his employees' shoes - not to exploit them as he has once been exploited …


Once again, perks team up with startfromzero, one of our very first artist collaborators, presenting the classic ‘Kill The Boss’ collection in hard enamel pin badge.

Available in 2 colorways: ‘Plated Gold’ and ‘Plated Silver’.


Startfromzero 初段時期,大約是2007年,DOM 全職打理 S.F.Z 而 KATOL 仍然有正職。當時只能在工作以外的時間才投入有關 S.F.Z 的創作。那時常在質疑自己為何被工作佔據了大部分的時間,生活的自主是否應該由老闆決定?老闆跟員工總是對立,之後 'Kill the Boss' 就在對工作不滿下出現了。'Kill the Boss' 系列的帽子和 T-Shirt 等也成為2007當時暢銷品。


有趣是十年後的今天,2017年,角色位置轉換了,他們 (DOM & KATOL) 反而為如何不剝削自己的員工而煩惱 ⋯⋯ 同時變成被咒罵對象。


#000 ‘Lost Generation’ 後再度與 startfromzero 合作以高品質的仿琺瑯工藝打造10年前,2007年當時最暢銷的 ‘Kill The Boss’系列。有鍍金和鍍銀兩個選擇。




Craft: Hard Enamel

Size: 28x20mm

Thickness: 1.8mm

Material: Copper

Back Lock: Deluxe Flathead Clutch


Standard packing with 314gsm Shin-Bafunshi (Earth) paper with Gold and Black color risograph printing.


Design and illustrated by Katole.

Produced by perks production.


HKD80 Only.

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