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#666 Kousuke Shimizu KOU | Pure Acid

#666 Kousuke Shimizu KOU | Pure Acid


#666 Kousuke Shimizu KOU | Pure Acid


Once again, perks brings you another awesome artist from Japan.


Kousuke Shimizu, well known for his iconic repeated pattern graphics, is presenting 3 of his artworks in this collaboration.


#333 PPP Duck (Exlusive for perks)
#666 Pure Acid
#999 Mash Up Rabbit


Kousuke Shimizu is a graphic DIY artist and art director currently based in Tokyo. His creation involves combination of various techniques.


In recent years, Kousuke Shimizu had a few solo and group exhibitions in Japan and around the world, with works featured with fashion brands, such as COMME des GARÇONS, STUSSY (USA) and many other domestic and international brands. Apart from these, he also collaborated with units from different sectors, Karla Kimura (Singer), GLAY (Band), Kamen Rider, MEDICOMTOY, Sanrio etc. He also had works in MV art direction, costume making for TVCM (TOYOTA, docomo, etc.).




Craft: Soft Enamel
Size: 23x32mm
Thickness: 1.8mm
Material: Alloy
Back Lock: Deluxe Flathead Clutch


Presenting with perks standard packing.


Design and illustrated by Kousuke Shimizu.

Standard packing designed by Kidney Chung.
Produced by perks production.


HKD80 Only.

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