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The Movie Roaster Button Badges Collection | Set of 10

The Movie Roaster Button Badges Collection | Set of 10


Set of 10 button badges.

8 characters including 1 HIDDEN character.

Also 1 Coffee & and 1 perks 2C Risograph badges.


The Movie Roaster By Takeru Machida


Apart from the 30 minutes laundry time at Coffee &, the taste of coffee can also be assimilated into a 120 minutes movie.


Katol and perks met Takeru Machida, a Japanese illustrator at Coffee &. From their small talks, they found a common ground between Japan and Hong Kong's pop culture, thereby facilitating <The Movie Roaster> collaboration. Takeru Machida uses his contemporary drawing style to illustrate scenes of characters with coffee from 9 different classic movies.


As perks is always keen on using different materials and methods on badge production, <The Movie Roaster> series is presented in a brand-new Risograph technique. Designed in Japan and 100% made in Hong Kong by perks.


Takeru Machida

Born in 1986. Living in Japan.Raised in the United States when I was a child. Therefore, me and my artworks are based on magnificent influence of both Japanese and American culture.

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